Products & Cases

Products & Cases


Eurolight is a complete suite of exchange systems specifically designed to optimize the core business of an exchange market. It is a simple, modular and flexible system, that handles all relevant business processes from trading to settlement to grid operator notification. Even more important is that the system has proven to be stable, and is currently used in the Netherlands, Belgium and England. Eurolight was developed for the APX Group.

Trilateral market coupling:

Market coupling is a method for integrating energy markets in different areas. With market coupling the daily cross-border transmission capacity between various areas is not explicitly auctioned among the market parties, but is implicitly made available via energy transactions on the power exchanges on either side of the border.In cooperation with Powernext and APX Group, Soops developed a very successful market coupling system, in which the results from the Day Ahead markets of France, Belgium and the Netherlands are coupled.

EPEX Trading System:

Together with EPEX Spot, Soops is developing a state-of-the-art trading system that should one day host the integrated European power market. The EPEX Trading System will be used in France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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